Next Evolution Center For Life Success offers life transforming multi-day events as well powerful classes on subjects like relationships, abundance, health, purpose (etc).

The center is here to support you in your greatness! 

The Achieving Life Success Event is the foundation class for Next Evolution Center For Life Success. In this two and a half day educational event, you will have experiences that will create a new awareness. This awareness can remove stress, worry, resentments, guilt, and fear! This awareness can restore relationships and families, and replace behaviors that don’t work.

With awareness comes conscious choice! When you become aware that you are programmed, then it’s just a matter of changing the programs. Again, like the computer, your going to delete some software (beliefs and behaviors) and install programs that you choose. Then you can create yourself and your life anyway you want!

This event has the information and experiences set up to bring limiting beliefs into your awareness so you can successfully replace them with new beliefs. Change a belief, thinking and behavior will follow.

Event One (Achieving Life Success) has lectures and experiences regarding the following…

Beliefs And Behaviors – All thinking comes from beliefs, behaviors come from repeat thinking and action. All that stops anyone of us from our potential is in our belief system. Achieving Life Success has experiences designed to bring the beliefs that ‘don’t work’ to the surface so they can be replaced with ones that do.

How To Be More Effective – Through experiential learning, you will see how much you miss because of the limiting beliefs and programs that run you daily. Using the awareness and the tools you’ll learn, you’ll have everything you need to create a new perspective ‘that works’ in creating results.

Cycle Of Destruction – Discover the most destructive thought process on the planet! Learn what it is and how to stop it when it’s running. This thought process is responsible for all the drama, poor work performance, gossip, broken relationships, and 98% of all illness (and we all run it!) … you may have run it today!

Extraordinary Communication – People who can communicate at an extremely effective level, have emotional intelligence. Through the tools we offer and your personal experience, learn how to increase your communication skills dramatically! A HUGE benefit to your personal and professional life. Become skilled in identifying who you are communicating with, and what approach works best for that individual.

The Power Of The Word – Examine what the cost is to you when you break your word and agreements. In addition we will look at how we use our word to diminish ourselves and others. This event alone can bring anyone to a greater level of self-integrity.

Win/Win – A potential milestone, find out first hand how you choose to show up. Do you cooperate with others?, go against everyone else?, play it safe?, take risks…find out if you will create a lose/lose, a lose/win, a win/lose or if you will see the win/win!

Awareness is an intense two and a half day event that will create a greater awareness of your personal power to change. This is the Level where many burning desires are discovered. Clarity of purpose is a major component to living a life of abundance.

Powerful experiences have been set up to let you see how you are showing up in your life. See if your beliefs, perception and behaviors are supporting your dreams (Awareness is a prerequisite).

Event Two (Awareness) has lectures and experiences regarding the following…

We Effect Others – We examine how we effect others, by not keeping our word, not following through, doing less than our best, making assumptions, taking things personally, and making excuses.

Victim vs Responsible – Victim mentality can be mild or completely run a person … either way, it never serves. Experience the conclusion that taking complete responsibility in your life will benefit you more than the perceived payoff you may receive from playing victim, using excuses and blaming others.

Relationships – A powerful experience regarding the defenses and walls we have been taught to put up, usually to the ones we say we love. Arguments and drama in our relationships lead to high levels of stress and illness. You will learn how to break down the walls, defenses and stop the arguing.

The Big D – There are several experiences set up to unlock your power to live at the highest vision of yourself! Most people live day to day on the way to their last breath, never really living. A life of Stressing, fighting, fear, insecurities, scarcity and drama lead them to an early grave. The Big D (Death) is coming, It’s nothing to fear…NOT living life in abundance, harmonious relationships, outstanding health…that’s something fear! The message of Success Step Two is you get one life, one chance, make it a masterpiece!

Doing our best? – You will see in the mirror how you show up in life. Do you listen, do your best, complete what you start, take action or procrastinate? When you can see the beliefs that don’t work, with that awareness, some tools and knowledge you can change any limiting belief!

Emotional Intelligence – When was the last time you were emotionally hi-jacked? The success systems creates high emotional intelligence. When you don’t let your emotions run you and can remain in a state of awareness, you access POWER! A lack of emotional intelligence results in; low self esteem, insecurities, dysfunctional relationships, poor work performance, extreme anger, violence, silence and isolation, countless addictions, and eventually decaying health.

Expanding your Power – You will have experiences that will challenge your limited perception of what is possible. You will be exposed to what weakens you, and what makes you stronger. Identifying beliefs, thinking and behaviors that are limiting you and correcting them. The knowledge to manifest your greatest intentions!

Your Self Image – When it comes down to it, do you love yourself? Will you stand up for you? Do you treat yourself with compassion and kindness? Do you feel as important as everyone else? You don’t have to answer these questions. There are experiences set up so you will see the answers…and the awareness you gain from these experiences and answers leads to Mastery.

It's now time to put what you've learned and experienced in the previous two events into action! Events one and two are about knowledge and awareness which is potential power. Knowledge and awareness with constant action is power and produces results!

This three month intensive program is geared to those people who possess a strong desire to excel and contribute to the world. During the program, we will focus on the issues related to excellence, leadership and creating extraordinary results. To us, excellence is the pursuit of the possible; not, what is possible given the weaknesses and limitations of the human condition or of limiting beliefs and behaviors; rather, what is possible when discipline, commitment and intensity of purpose are present and accessed.

You will be on a team for 90 days (approximately), with coaches and facilitator. This is not goal setting, it is creating intentions. 90-100% of all intentions will be manifested during the Game. People who finish this game come away with an extraordinary sense of who they truly are and have everything they need to create any future intention!

You Can Save Money And Package 'Awareness' and 'Contribution' SAVE $95!

A complete list of classes and networking events will be announced this summer!

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