LEVEL ONE - Achieving Business and Life Success

The Achieving Business and Life Success Event forms the cornerstone class for ENO experience. During this two and a half day event, you will encounter experiences that facilitate a fresh awareness. This heightened awareness holds the potential to dissolve stress, worry, resentments, guilt, and fear. It also serves to mend relationships and families while substituting ineffective behaviors.

This event offers a structured blend of information and experiences that illuminate limiting beliefs, allowing you to successfully substitute them with new empowering beliefs. As beliefs transform, thought patterns and behaviors naturally follow suit.

Event One (Achieving Life Success) encompasses lectures and experiential modules on the following:

Beliefs And Behaviors – All thought originates from beliefs, and behaviors emerge from repetitive thought and action. The barriers to realizing our potential are embedded within our belief systems. Achieving Life Success orchestrates experiences tailored to unveil ineffective beliefs, paving the way for their substitution with more conducive ones.

Enhancing Effectiveness – Through hands-on learning, you'll grasp the extent to which limiting beliefs and ingrained programs shape your daily experiences. Armed with this awareness and the provided tools, you will possess all the requisites to adopt a more effective perspective that yields tangible results.

Breaking the Cycle of Destruction – Unearth the most detrimental cognitive pattern known to humanity. Understand its mechanics and learn to halt it when it takes control. This pattern is culpable for the bulk of drama, subpar work performance, gossip, fractured relationships, and a staggering 98% of illnesses (an affliction we all contend with!). You might even recognize instances of its influence today.

Exceptional Communication – Individuals capable of highly effective communication possess emotional intelligence. Through the tools and experiential components at your disposal, acquire the skills to substantially enhance your communication prowess. This holds immense advantages for both your personal and professional spheres. Gain proficiency in discerning your communication partner's disposition and determining the most suitable approach.

The Influence of Language – Scrutinize the consequences of reneging on commitments and agreements. Additionally, explore how language is employed to undermine both oneself and others. This segment alone can propel you toward a greater degree of self-integrity.

Win/Win Dynamics – An impactful milestone, discover firsthand the manner in which you choose to engage. Do you cooperate harmoniously?, contravene the consensus?, err on the side of caution?, embrace risks... ascertain whether you gravitate towards creating lose/lose scenarios, win/lose outcomes, or if you can identify and advocate for the win/win situation!

Next Evolution's (L-1) - 2023/2024 Event Dates

Nov 3-5 / Jan 12-14 / Feb 23-25 / Apr 5-7 / May 17-19 / June 28-30/ Aug 9-11 / Sept 20-22 / Oct 25-27 / Dec 7-9

Due to Covid, Achieving Life Success (L-1) is only $195 throughout 2022! (Normal Pricing is $495).  Level One comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If after you complete the event you are not statisfied you will receive a 100% refund. You must complete the entire event to qualify for a refund.