Conscious Choice is part of Creating A World That Works Foundation and three weekly meetings are offered at a cost donation of $100 per month. Sign up now and start empowering yourself weekly!

The meetings are held at various locations in North Phoenix area. Once you register for the meeting you will be sent a list of locations. Presently there are meetings Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm - 7pm. Register below!

There are three weekly meetings you may attend. Two focus more on recovery and dissolving a thinking or behavior that doesn't work in your life. One meeting is for all graduates of Level One to attend to keep connected and keep the work fresh in their consciousness. 

Why would you attend?

1. You're in recovery and looking for something dynamic to add to your journey.

2. You are currently stuck in addiction and you're looking for a solution.

3. You know someone you care about that is struggling with addiction.

The addiction doesn't matter. If you have a behavior that isn't working in your life and you are finding it difficult to impossible to stop... Conscious Choice is the solution.

Street Drugs
Prescription Meds
Codependent Relationships
Social Media
Cell Phone

Napoleon Hill the author of 'Think and Grow Rich' on the subject of addiction...

" I used to love smoking cigars, until one day it became apparent I was no longer smoking the cigars, the cigars were smoking me"

Any questions - 480-284-0994