Breakthrough is an intensive two and a half day event designed to cultivate an enhanced awareness of your inherent capacity to effect change. The meticulously crafted experiences aim to unveil the nuances of your presence in your own life. By exploring the alignment of your beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors with your aspirations (note that prior awareness is essential), you will be empowered to make profound shifts.

Level Two (Breakthrough) entails illuminating lectures and experiential modules addressing the following:

Influence on Others – We delve into the impact of our actions on others, whether it's failing to honor our commitments, falling short on follow-through, delivering less than our best, making unwarranted assumptions, internalizing external events, or resorting to excuses.

Victimhood vs. Responsibility – The victim mentality, whether subtly present or all-consuming, never serves one's progress. Experience the revelation that embracing complete responsibility for your life yields greater benefits than any perceived advantages of adopting a victim stance, making excuses, or casting blame.

Unveiling Relationships – A potent exploration into the defensive mechanisms and barriers we've been conditioned to erect, often against those we hold dear. Conflicts and turmoil within relationships contribute to elevated stress levels and compromised health. This segment imparts strategies to dismantle these walls, defenses, and arguments.

Confronting Mortality – Several immersive experiences are tailored to unlock your potential for living in alignment with your highest self. Many traverse life merely existing, navigating the path towards their final moments, never truly living. A life defined by stress, conflict, fear, insecurities, scarcity, and drama leads to a premature demise. The looming inevitability of death is not what should evoke fear—it's failing to live a life rich in abundance, harmonious connections, and optimal well-being that should give pause. The message of Level Two is clear: you have one life, one opportunity, make it a masterpiece!

Pinnacle Performance – Peer into the mirror and confront how you manifest in life. Do you actively listen, give your best effort, see things through, take initiative, or succumb to procrastination? Armed with the awareness of ineffective beliefs, coupled with the right tools and knowledge, you can transform any limiting belief.

Emotional Mastery – When was the last time your emotions hijacked your control? The success framework cultivates heightened emotional intelligence. When emotions cease to dictate your actions, and a state of awareness prevails, you unlock tremendous personal power. A lack of emotional intelligence manifests as diminished self-esteem, insecurities, dysfunctional relationships, subpar work performance, excessive anger, aggression, isolation, various addictions, and ultimately, deteriorating health.

Amplifying Your Potential – You will engage in experiences designed to challenge your constricted perception of what's attainable. You'll be exposed to factors that weaken or fortify you. Identifying and rectifying limiting beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors will be instrumental in your transformation. Equipped with this knowledge, you can manifest your loftiest intentions.

The Mirror of Self-Image – Ultimately, do you harbor self-love? Will you advocate for yourself? Do you treat yourself with the same compassion and kindness you extend to others? Do you rank your importance on par with everyone else? While these queries need not be answered outright, the experiences provided will illuminate your responses. The insights drawn from these experiences cultivate mastery and self-awareness.

Oct 20-22 / Dec 1-3 / Feb 2-4 / Apr 19-21 / June 14-16

Due to Covid, Breakthrough (L-2) is only $295 throughout 2023! (Normal Pricing is $495).

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