Breakthrough is a two and a half day powerful event that will create a greater awareness of your personal power to change. Powerful experiences have been set up to let you see how you are showing up in your life. See if your beliefs, perception and behaviors are supporting your dreams (Awareness is a prerequisite).

Level Two (Breakthrough) has lectures and experiences regarding the following…

We Effect Others – We examine how we effect others, by not keeping our word, not following through, doing less than our best, making assumptions, taking things personally, and making excuses.

Victim vs Responsible – Victim mentality can be mild or completely run a person … either way, it never serves. Experience the conclusion that taking complete responsibility in your life will benefit you more than the perceived payoff you may receive from playing victim, using excuses and blaming others.

Relationships – A powerful experience regarding the defenses and walls we have been taught to put up, usually to the ones we say we love. Arguments and drama in our relationships lead to high levels of stress and illness. You will learn how to break down the walls, defenses and stop the arguing.

The Big D – There are several experiences set up to unlock your power to live at the highest vision of yourself! Most people live day to day on the way to their last breath, never really living. A life of Stressing, fighting, fear, insecurities, scarcity and drama lead them to an early grave. The Big D (Death) is coming, It’s nothing to fear…NOT living life in abundance, harmonious relationships, outstanding health…that’s something fear! The message of Success Step Two is you get one life, one chance, make it a masterpiece!

Doing our best? – You will see in the mirror how you show up in life. Do you listen, do your best, complete what you start, take action or procrastinate? When you can see the beliefs that don’t work, with that awareness, some tools and knowledge you can change any limiting belief!

Emotional Intelligence – When was the last time you were emotionally hi-jacked? The success systems creates high emotional intelligence. When you don’t let your emotions run you and can remain in a state of awareness, you access POWER! A lack of emotional intelligence results in; low self esteem, insecurities, dysfunctional relationships, poor work performance, extreme anger, violence, silence and isolation, countless addictions, and eventually decaying health.

Expanding your Power – You will have experiences that will challenge your limited perception of what is possible. You will be exposed to what weakens you, and what makes you stronger. Identifying beliefs, thinking and behaviors that are limiting you and correcting them. The knowledge to manifest your greatest intentions!

Your Self Image – When it comes down to it, do you love yourself? Will you stand up for you? Do you treat yourself with compassion and kindness? Do you feel as important as everyone else? You don’t have to answer these questions. There are experiences set up so you will see the answers…and the awareness you gain from these experiences and answers leads to Mastery.

October 20-22 / Dec 1-3

Due to Covid, Breakthrough (L-2) is only $295 throughout 2022! (Normal Pricing is $495).