Starting August 8th!

Thursday Night Alive a time to recharge ourselves and connect!

Every Thursday from 6:30pm - 8:00pm we meet to connect through music, a powerful speaker, visualization, and connecting with other awesome people!

The Thursday Event and our three core events; Awareness, Breakthrough and Contribution, with powerful weekly classes, networking, and staffing and coaching opportunities, creates a powerful environment for anyone to reach the greatest vision of them self! 

Katie Halle Lambert

When I first found Next Evolution I was a young, successful Real Estate agent with a business to be proud of. I felt that my communication with others was superb, although relationships dissolved over petty things here and there and some clients were lost never to be found again for unknown reasons. What I struggled with were personal relationships...especially the romantic kind.

Because of the constant ups and downs in my romantic life, I frequently experienced set backs in terms of focus during work hours. I knew I could be more productive if I could get a handle on this, but life is unfair and you can’t be happy about everything, right? Wrong! In a few short months, with a little bit of focus and a lot of heart, I worked through what was holding me back from my maximum potential to be me and my maximum life enjoyment.

The tools I learned were easy to understand, simple to implement, and drastically life changing. Since graduating the 90 day game, I have opened my own Real Estate office, doubled my business, and have achieved that constant state of awareness and bliss that I was after.

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